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Having been exposed to Salsa dancing in Chicago for as long as I have, I have often seen all types of people out and about having fun and enjoying the dancing and good vibes. I have also seen something different: particular couples who only dance with each other and never try dancing with other people.

I’ve always wondered what the deal was with these couples as I’ve always been of the opinion that the true beauty of this global dance community of ours is the experience of dancing with someone new. To me, it’s no different than a conversation and I have found many nights of dancing made great by the fantastic follows that happened to be out that particular night.

I have wondered in the past and even had conversations with people who have found it odd that a random couple will never dance with anyone else but their significant other. The general consensus is that there is an insecure member of the relationship and the other is being a good sport and going with the flow.

What if you met a cool girl/guy who wanted to lock you down and you were really into the whole experience of Salsa dancing with other people? I couldn’t imagine it for myself, but I am open to the idea that different couples have different social dynamics.

When I stop and think about why it would be so bad to just dance with my girl, I think it stems from the idea that she would quickly begin to memorize the flow of the dance and it would be a groundhog dance EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Is this bad? If you’re like most guys, then yes! Part of the benefit of dancing with others is they don’t dance with you enough to really know what’s coming as it’s different every dance.

It actually makes me stop and wonder then, if I’m always leading the same stuff, won’t I get bored?

Thankfully, dancing isn’t about moves but also about energy and just like having a conversation, different people vibe in different ways.

If you’re the type to just lock down your BF/GF, then consider the idea of opening up and exploring the best the dance has to offer: variety.

Have you been locked into a groundhog dance situation?

How did you deal with it?

What benefits have you experienced from Salsa dancing in Chicago and elsewhere with a variety of partners?

Talk to me!

To your dancing….