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Wicker Park, Chicago IL

Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood has been a noted living area for many of the cities residents since it first incorporated in 1837. In today’s time, Wicker Park is bordered by main streets such as Milwaukee Avenue, North Avenue and Western Avenue. Wicker Park is a hotbed of art, culture nightlife, and dining and is even referred to as Chicago’s SOHO neighborhood due to similarities between it and the famous New York City area.

One of the very best aspects of Wicker Park has historically been the diversity of cultures within the community. People from all walks of life can be seen getting off of the Damen stop of the Blue line at one of Chicago’s most famous six corners. In addition to ethnic diversity, people from all types of economic backgrounds inhabit the area as well. While, the community, is going through a fair bit of booming recent prices and gentrification, Wicker Park is still a great place to call home as a fairly reasonable price. Considering the vast amount of access to basic essentials and entertainment, Wicker Park has earned its reputation as destination area of Chicago.

The wide variety of public transportation and nearby access to the 90/94 have made Wicker Park a desirable neighborhood for those who work in the downtown area of Chicago. What keeps residents staying in Wicker Park is the wide variety of commercial and entertainment options available within walking distance of most Wicker Park streets.

The newer residents who bring an increased income have attracted a lot of notable restaurants, fashion boutiques, bars, and other nightlife options while the namesake Wicker Park, while small, provides an opportunity to walk around some beautiful greenery and escape to a more natural setting within the concrete jungle surrounding it.

Notable food choices include but aren’t limited to: Irazu, an excellent spot for diners looking for some Latin flavor in a unique setting right on Milwaukee Avenue. Piece Pizzeria and Brewery which is easily accessible on North Avenue and has a ravenous following of pizza lovers who swear by their slices in a large and vibrant ambiance. For high-end eating, foodies should check out Schwa which is an experimental food establishment with a long waiting list but well worth the wait for the food and decor. Notably, Wicker Park is likely the most vegan-friendly neighborhood in all of Chicago featuring many options like the newly opened and immediately famous No Bones Beach Club, Native Food Cafe, Handlebar, Clever Rabbit, Bon-Bon Cafe and others who are exclusively vegan or offer plenty of options for lovers of plant-based cuisine.

Wicker Park is also a hub for local musicians to ply their craft. Music lovers flock to the area to listen to bands before they blow up and establishments such as Subterranean Cafe have had a huge part in providing Chicago’s local Hip Hop community and place to test out their latest work. The Empty Bottle is also a cherished Wicker Park music hall which hosts a large variety of indie music acts in a small, but intimate setting.

Due to the wide variety of trendy and favorite things to do in the area, Wicker Park was named the fourth hippest neighborhood in the nation. If you’re from Chicago, you’ve likely already hung out here and if you’re a visitor, do yourself a favor and experience all that Wicker Park has to offer. You won’t regret the visit! 

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