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What was once known as the Mambo has become the Salsa! The term was first coined around the 1980’s in order to appeal to the mass-market. Salsa dancing was an evolution of the old Mambo craze which swept the nation with it’s infectious gyrations and rhythms. Furthermore, Salsa is the current incarnation of social dances which include the Cha Cha, Son, as well as other Afro-Cuban inspired dances.

Salsa, an in turn Latin dancing came back into fashion with the help of the legendary Fania record label. Known as the ‘Latin Motown,’ they produced and reignited the World’s love for Latin music.

All of this re-invention occurred in New York City which is the world’s melting pot of cultures. Salsa, as it came to be known, combined various elements of popular music such as Jazz, RnB and Soul. As new listener will be pleased to discover a rich variety of music which falls under the term Salsa such as Charanga, Timba and offshoots such as Boogaloo and more! Rest assured that most anyone who loves to move to music will find some kind a Salsa rhythm to groove to!

In addition, Salsa became the recipient of new ideas within the dance itself. What used to be more of an open footwork dance started to incorporate different hand wraps and partnering connections from some of the popular dances of the time, mainly the Hustle. Watching old

When thinking about it, the term ‘Salsa’ seems appropriate due to the fact that it combines different flavors to produce a unique and flavorful combination which satisfies. With a mutli-cultural and deeply rooted history, Salsa appeals to various people who love music and dancing.

So loved is the dance that people from places like Korea, Russia, England, Peru, Colombia, Italy and Canada are crazy about dancing Salsa! Of course, we can pretty much find a hot night of Latin dancing all across the U.S.!

There are a variety of ways that people¬†dance the Salsa¬†such as Cuban Style, New York Style, La Style and Rueda. There is no right or wrong to move to the tropical rhythms, all that matter is that you dance! Once you hear the infectious grooves in your body, you won’t be able to stay sitting. We hope this small informative article has opened your eyes to what Salsa is and why you should go out and try it. See you on the dance floor!