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Ukrainian Village, Chicago IL

Ukrainian Village is a Chicago neighborhood located on the near west side of Chicago. Its boundaries are Division Street to the north, Chicago Avenue to the south, Western Avenue to the west, and Damen Avenue to the east.It is one of the neighborhoods in the West Town community area.

Chicago’s Ukranian Village is a burgeoning neighboorhood with a rich history on the city’s near west side. While some refer to the area as part of the West Town neighborhood, some locals proudly call the area as Ukranian Village due to its rich history.

In the early half of the 1900s, there were several Ukranian churches which served the Ukranian immigrant population of the time. While first inhabited by other Eastern European immigrants, an influx of Ukrainian settlers began to give the area the distinction of cultural flavor that it maintains to this very day.

The neighborhood is bordered by the Northern/Southern avenues of Division and Chicago as well as the Eastern/Western borders of Western and Damen. A large percentage of Ukrainian Village has been assigned as a Chicago Landmark area.

To maintain the distinct character of the neighboorhood, new homes have first to meet the approval of Chicago’s Landmark Commission which approves any new construction.

While there are several notable and entertaining landmarks in the Ukranian Village, a few stand out in particular. One such place of note is the Ukrainian National Museum. Here you will discover a vast plethora of fine art that you won’t see in other areas along with various literary archives. The museum was founded in the 1950s and honors those who came to America when they were forced to relocate to a new land under duress in their homeland.

A strong incentive to preserve the history of the founding inhabitants of the Ukrainian Village keep the cultural history alive and present and can be felt when wandering the many streets of the neighborhood.

Another place of note is the Ukrainian Cultural Center which serves the local area with community events and is a welcoming environment for social, political ( a noted polling center for elections) and religious activities.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the Ukranian Villages most notable landmarks: the churches. Long known as the very monuments that gave the area is cultural identity, churches like the Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, Saints Volodymyr And Olha Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Saint Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral are cherished monuments of a proud heritage.

Aside from its undeniable history, Ukrainian Village is home to many excellent places to satisfy your culinary curiosity. From distinctly American
cuisine to some natively Polish places and even ramen, there is plenty to explore for foodies.

Some notable foodie joints:

This French and German-inspired steakhouse is also friendly to those diners who choose to not partake in the ample meat-based offerings. With a diverse menu and a cozy ambiance, Boeufhaus is a fantastic addition to the area and a great place to go with friends for a great bite of food and drink options.


Keeping with the distinctly European flavor of the area, Podhalanka offers a tremendous classic dining experience is a homey environment. While it won’t win any awards for its bare-bones ambiance, it more than makes up for it with the cuisine. Plenty of Polish favorites are present on the menu and sure to give you a home-cooked meal vibe when you bite in for the first time.

Roots Handmade Pizza/Westown Bakery

Who doesn’t love Pizza? How about a great breakfast? Well, we’re happy to inform you that the Ukranian Village area is home to both! With the neighboring sister restaurant of Westown Bakery, they combine with a one-two punch that will offer some fantastic pizza as well as a fun diner-like experience with plenty of options for vegans as well.

Finally, there are some cool places to shop in the Ukrainian Village that are worth a look. Areas such as the 3 Sinks Salon services both male and female patrons with stellar haircuts in the latest styles.

For a unique store which offers unique gift items that you won’t find at any regular department store, look no further than Komoda. Run by owner Sherri Gregorczyk she gives the store her everything, and it is immediately apparent once you walk in. You’ll genuinely find something for everyone here, and you should most definitely stop by for a visit if you’re in the area.
Many boutiques are either geared towards men or women, but Sherri’s shop has thoughtfully sourced gifts at every price point, for everyone. She has beautiful wallets, handmade pocket knives, toiletries for men and women. She offers local and national designers in jewelry, accessories, and clothing. There are a plethora of bath goods, books and housewares to suit every occasion.

We could go on and on but suffice to say, whether you’re in search of culture, cuisine or places of worship, you’ll find all of this and more in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. Do yourself a favor and stop explore one of Chicago’s most beautiful neighborhoods.

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