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About This Class

Spinning can be difficult. No matter if its with a partner or on your own. How can you improve on this essential skill in your Salsa dancing? MMA’s Spinning Technique class is the answer and a one of a kind class in Chicago.

So many times, we see our students struggle with executing spins which are one of the core skills needed to do advanced moves in Salsa. Recognizing this, MMA has developed the SPINNING TECHNIQUE class to address the specific challenges dancers experience with doing rotations.

We’ll hit you with drills that will help you do spins in with both feet on your own and then with a partner. We’ll also address the special techniques needed in partnerwork to create fluid and fast moving spins with correct form for the leads and the follows. Join us!

Spin your a$$ off

Real Work.
  Real results.

Because you’ll be in class with BOTH of MMA’s master teachers, you’ll get a heaping helping of useful information on how to improve your spin technique. The best thing about multiple teachers is that they both say things in a variety of ways and surely one will resonate with you and help you improve. Our only concern is helping you to level up your dancing and to have the skills necessary to do more and more with your dancing. See you in class!

Don’t be scared off by something challenging, attack it head on!

One helpful bit of advice we constantly give to our students who struggle in the unglamourous parts of their growth is this: Not matter how hard something seems now, if you work at it long enough with guidance and intent, you’ll get better in no time. Spinning is no different. Let us help you improve your skills and help cool and confident when you’re asked to spin or simply doing spins for fun! If you stick with us and do your best, we’ll do our part to help you improve.

Class day and time?

Our Spinning Technique class happens every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It is a drop in class so come every week or whenever you’re able!

How do you pay for class?

This class, like all drop in classes at MMA can be paid for individually or by purchasing an MMA Class Card for more savings!

What Level Should I be?

It’s best to be at an Intermediate/Advanced level before you try the class. While we DO want you to be challenged, we also want you to feel confident about your dancing. Make it past our Intermediate Bootcamp and you’ll be ready for the challenge.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

At Mixed Motion Art, you will learn FUNDAMENTAL technique of Salsa partner-work and Mambo shines. Under the direction of Del & Laura, you will build one layer at a time, efficiently improving as a dancer. This place is no joke, they know their stuff ☝️????
Michelle Zamora


Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy is a great place to learn Salsa/Mambo. in Chicago. Great school with really knowledgeable instructors. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, Del and Laura can give you information to get your dancing to the next level!
Christian L.


I’ve been taking classes at Mixed Motion Arts for some time and I LOVE it! The classes are a great mix of technique and style. Del and Laura make sure you get individual feedback, so you never feel like you are being over looked. It’s a wonderful community, very welcoming, and I have made some great friends in the process.
Sarah Jamison