Your first dance

Your first dance is a special moment in time. You want everything to be perfect. Our qualified staff can help you make the moment unforgettable with a special choreography that will suit your skill level. Make your first dance joyful and rewarding with the professionals at MMA, the wedding dance lesson experts!



Pick the right song

Find a song that helps define your relationship. Perhaps it’s that song you recall hearing when you first met. Maybe it’s the tune you both enjoy that encapsulates your relationship. Whatever the song is, make sure you both like it and we can make it work for you. We recommend having 2-3 songs as various songs will likely call for different dances.



Discover a dance style

With so many different types of songs, there’s bound to be a variety of dances styles as well. From Salsa to Foxtrot, Waltz to Rumba, our expert instructors will define which dance style goes best to your music and get to work on your original choreography.

No pressure

Your new dance will be catered to your specific needs and dance ability. Want to take it a bit easier? No problem. Up for a bigger challenge? We can help there too! Whatever your needs, our dance instructors will create a new piece that’s fun, flashy and fit for your first dance!

Find the package that’s right for you!

When searching for wedding dance lessons, you may have discovered that there aren’t a lot of options. MMA strongly believes in letting you decide what’s right for you. As such, we have designed 3 special packages that cover a variety of needs and schedules.

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are so many details one has to worry about. But when it came to deciding what to do for our first dance, we knew we wanted to do a salsa number and there was only one person that came to mind….Laura Flores! Laura, thank you for making our first dance such a success. Our family and friends were so impressed with all of our dance moves that we received a standing ovation at the wedding. It was because of your great choreography and patience during our practices that made our first dance one of the highlights of our wedding. We would highly recommend Laura to anyone interested in making their first wedding dance a memorable one.
Alex and Claudia Martinez

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which package is right for us?
It really depends on whether or not you have prior dance experience. Unfortunately, many people think dance is no big deal to learn and once they try they feel overwhelmed. Be honest and access your experience level and decide from there. If you need assistance, feel free to contact us.
What should I wear for the lesson?
Wear something you feel comfortable in that will allow you to move freely. There is nothing formal about the private lessons so feel free to come with comfort and mobility in mind. In regards to shoes, leather soled bottoms work best on a dance floor for men. For the brides to be, we recommend a similar type of shoe, preferably with straps for your safety. Once we get closer to the big day, we’ll have you run your choreography in your actual heels.
How long are the lessons?
We offer a bit more than most in our industry. While the actual price is competitive in dollar amounts, the true value is in the fact we offer full ONE HOUR lessons as opposed to the standard 45 minute lesson from some of the established chain schools. The result? Consider our Orange level package. Since there are 8 lessons in total and 15 minutes more per lesson, that’s the equivalent of getting two free lessons!
Are the teachers qualified?
Of course! Laura Flores and Del Dominguez are not only DVIDA certified instructors and former competitive American Rhythm dancers, they also have an extended history in the social Latin dance world as well. Rest assured that either Laura, Del or any instructor at MMA will teach with the highest standards and have you feeling well prepared.
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Start now and make your first dance count!

Our wedding dance lessons are top notch and you’ll find yourself having a blast throughout the process. Get started and make sure you and your significant other are well prepared for the biggest performance of your life…let’s get started!