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Mambo Jam!

salsa dancing in Chicago

On 2 Salsa dancing in Chicago, workshop style!

There is plenty of Salsa dancing in Chicago, but MMA is Chicago’s only exclusive New York Style Salsa on 2 (a.k.a. Mambo) studio around, and Mambo Jam is, by far one of our most popular classes.

The purpose of this class is to get Intermediate and Advanced dancers ready for Salsa dancing in Chicago, on 2 style! We do this by challenging our students to work on advanced footwork and partnering combinations and not only teach them ‘the WHAT’ of making this all work, but more importantly, the HOW.

We will work on a variety of things including body isolations, shines, Pachanga, partnering technique, combinations and more! Since its a JAM session, you’ll never know what to expect!  Even better, during our shine (footwork) part of class, we do a small, good spirited contest to determine who is the last dancer standing…the Mambo Jam Champ!


Come and experience Salsa dancing in Chicago in a whole new way!

Every week will be slightly different so you should expect to always be surprised! Look forward to learning technical information that no other Salsa studio will offer. MMA is the dance studio that stays on top of the scene and helps people get comfortable learning it right the first time!

Just remember, once you feel confident, you won’t have to deal with stuff like this.

We are committed to making you better and this class will help you iron out some crucial details in your dancing. Even better, the experience of having TWO teachers on hand at all times means we can provides both a male and female perspective that is truly second to none!

We’re so excited to have you join us and can’t wait to help you grow…see you at Mambo Jam!

Saturdays at 1:30 p.m.
with Laura Flores and Del Dominguez
90 minute workshop style class!