River West, Chicago IL

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods and sometimes, a new community will originate as part of another, more extensive area. Such is the case for what is now known as Chicago’s River West neighborhood.

River West used to be a part of the larger River North neighborhood and has since unofficially broken off and established an identity all of its own. In more modern times, a wide variety of new condos and commercial lofts have overtaken the area which has an abundance of such properties in its vicinity. River West is also known as being a bit more laid back and secluded than its more well-known sibling. Well, as quiet as being so close to downtown Chicago can be!

The distinct warehouse and meat packing districts of old have been transformed and replaced with thriving new businesses and nightlife which attracts a trendy and sophisticated crowd. You’ll find many point of interest like restaurants, and nightlife options are in abundance.

Furthermore, as it is so close to downtown Chicago, residents of the area are close to all that Chicago has to offer. Due to its desirable location in Chicago, the River West neighborhood attracts locals residents as well as people from all over the city of Chicago.

Notable restaurants in the now important stretch of area that encapsulates River West hosts a who’s who of trendy restaurants that require a reservation as well a possible full house.

The neighboorhood is now home to some fantastic developments in both construction and population. Due to the increased demand in the neighborhood, new housing projects are going up faster than most can keep track of and eager renters are jumping at the chance to make River West their home.

Surrounded by the Kennedy Expressway on one side and the Chicago River on the other, River West is known for being a distinct and somewhat secluded neighboorhood in one of Chicago’s most desirable areas of town. Due to its relatively easy access via the 90/94, many visitors from the surrounding suburbs favor River North to experience a big city feel with a more convenient and accessible driving situation.

River West is also home to an eclectic mix of different businesses which provide something for everyone. If you seek to treat yourself and look your best perhaps a visit to Kala Salon is in order. With great customer reviews and a distinct ambiance, it’s a favorite of the neighboorhood locals.

If you care to transport yourself and some friends to an older Chicago Feel, then a visit the neighborhood institution known as La Scarola is in order. A frequent hangout spot for in-town celebrities as well as notable people in the film industry, La Scarola earns its reputation as a destination eatery in the area to the timeless takes on classic Italian cuisine.

We’d also like to point out the super successful and popular event venue Galleria Marchetti. Easily seen from the street yet somehow secluded, the Galleria is a timeless event venue which is always in demand for special events and weddings alike. Once you attend an event at Galleria Marchetti, you’ll likely not forget the experience as it’s truly unique in Chicago amid the sea of tall buildings and lofts.

In summary, for a hidden treasure of space hidden in plain sight and right next to some outstanding neighborhoods, look no further than River West!

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