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Private salsa lessons at Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy

The best way to accelerate learning and improve your dancing!


Catered To Your Needs

Many of our students take private salsa lessons in order to address specific issues. The nature of these customized and private dance classes are that they deal with specifics and are catered to their particular needs. Whether it’s working on things like footwork, musicality or partnering, Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy can help you break through your Salsa dancing plateaus!

Get Better Faster

Since the lessons are in a one-on-one setting, the student can directly focus on him or herself and get immediate feedback from their instructor. MMA’s qualified instructors are experts at identifying issues that students might not even realize they have! As a result, students experience rapid improvement.

On Your Schedule

While we are proud of our group class offerings, taking  private dancing lessons can be done on your particular schedule. Our instructors can find a time that works with you**! Many of our students take their sessions in the afternoon hours where we normally wouldn’t have group class. It’s up to you!

** Please note, we have a 24 hour cancellation policy.

“I have never had any formal dance training/guidance and they have been spectacular. The instructors are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, I would strongly recommend MMA to anyone! If you are a more experienced dancer, they have advanced classes to fit your skill level and improve your technique.”
Ryan Wolber

Private Salsa Lessons pricing information

In order to make private dance classes accessible to you, MMA offers a variety of options to help you get better and experience our world class one-on-one instruction.

Please note that each private dance lesson pack has its own expiration date which is strictly enforced. Please plan accordingly before you purchase your package. 

*** There is also a firm 24-hour cancellation policy for any scheduled lessons. ***

Here’s what other think of our private salsa lessons!

Don’t just take it from us, let our students do the talking!

“If you’re an audio learner like myself, you’ll love Del. He has a gift for describing movements from various everyday activities to break down the mechanics of dancing. He also has the patience of a saint, so you never feel under pressure…Laura is equally amazing with an enthusiasm that is contagious. If you like being challenged, Laura will motivate you! Her vibrant personality refuses to accept defeat.”
Amanda Lello

Sign Up! – You won’t regret it.

I took private lessons with Del and they were worth every penny!

The studio itself is beautiful! – You should check out one of their balls/evening dances were you can meet them and other like minded dance lovers. It’s always a full house. They also have a website that’ll give you a great overview.

Be prepared to fall in love and have lots and lots of FUN!

Melody Miller

I’ve been taking lessons with Del and Laura for almost 5 years. If you want to become a good dancer, then go here. Del and Laura focus on technique more than I’ve seen any other studio do so, but they also make lessons fun and bring a lot of energy into their classes.
Jacqueline Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I take private lessons if I'm a beginner?
Supposing you’d like to get started right away and breeze through the basic and you don’t want to wait several months taking group classes and want to get on the floor as soon as possible. If this is you, then get started with private lesson right away!
How many private dance lessons should I take?
It really depends on your personal aptitude and ability to pick up information. If we put it into context, it takes years to develop mastery in anything but with proper guidance, the whole process can be expedited. The amount of lesson you take will depend on your personal goals and eagerness to achieve them in a timely fashion.
Does this work well if I'm also taking group classes?
Absolutely! The foundations that we build for you at MMA are rock solid. Our group classes and private lessons are founded on sound principles which will make you a better dancer. If you’re feeling good in group class, perhaps it’s time to challenge yourself and explore new avenues in this whole dancing business. The rabbit hole goes deep and you’ll love every bit of it!
Your lessons are a full hour?
Yes! Many studios will offer a full price lesson and they only last 45 minutes. At MMA, we believe in giving maximum value to our students and choose to provide a full hour. Think of it, that’s 25% extra time!
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Improve your dancing at warp speed!

Mixed Motion Art has a proven track record of developing some of the finest Latin dance talent in Chicago. Let us help you reach your personal dancing goals!