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Online Salsa Classes | Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy

If you’ve caught us on stage, social media or on the dance floor and want to learn our style than look no further! Our online Salsa Classes let you learn MMA’s stylish steps in the comfort of your own home!

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How can online classes help you to improve your dancing?

Learn at your own rate

Sometimes, a large class can be daunting to a student. While some love the energy and mind/body challenge, other prefer a more tempered approach. Likewise, you just might prefer to memorize a certain sequence to add it to your repertoire. Online Salsa classes can help you to engrain new movements into your dance vocabulary. 

Grow Your Foundation

We hear a similar concern from many of our students. Namely, that they forget some of the great things they learn in class or forget the technique involved in executing their favorite moves. Well, no more! Our online classes can help you retain the movements and apply the correct technique in order to help your Salsa skills grow.

Shines and Partnering

Let’s say you’ve really focused on partnering and need to add some pizzazz to your dancing. Or, you love open shines but need more help on your partner dancing skills. Either way, we’ve got your covered. Whether you are looking for some level-appropriate partner combinations or are in need of some fancy footwork to express yourself, we’ve got a video for you.

Meet Your Online Salsa Class Teachers

Principle dancers from the MMA professional dance company will be your guides as we show you the latest in partner combinations and shines. We’ll make sure you’re covered on both ends of the spectrum so leads and follows can benefit.

Del Dominguez

Denisse Aldana

Michelle Zamora

MMA Dance Company director Del Dominguez will be joined by the lovely and talented duo of Denisse Aldana and Michelle Zamora. Del and Denisse will guide you through some awesome partner combinations while Del and Michelle will help you learn some cool and challenging footwork sequences.

Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex.
– Norman Vincent Peale

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner, can this help me?

In a word, yes! We’ll continue to add new videos that cover a variety of different levels from beginner to advanced. As our online salsa class library grows, you’ll find more and more videos which will challenge your level and help you advance to the next!

Will follows benefit from these classes?

We’ve been there and we know it sucks..sometimes follows get the short end of the stick in online Salsa classes. We’ll make every effort to breakdown the proper footwork and technique as it applies to the lead, as well as the follow role. We’ve got you covered!

How does it work?

We’re planning a much more full featured membership based course in the future but for now, you’ll purchase one video at a time and download it to your favorite device (Desk/Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet) for viewing. 

Do I need a partner?

For the shines, no, you don’t. For the partner combinations, it’d be best to practice with another person to apply the knowledge that you’re learning with our online classes. Worst case scenario, we’ll break it down so well you’ll at least knwo YOUR part of the pattern to try it out in the wild!

How it works

We’ll label the videos with the appropriate skill level so you never try something you aren’t ready for. Take your time and develop the necessary abilities to grow in level and comprehension.

Beginner online classes

A beginner level Salsa pattern with lead and follow broken down in detail. Great for beginners who want to add some variations to their basics.

Beginner / Intermediate online classes

Del and Michelle with a fun and breezy footwork pattern that will help you connect some basic shines. They maybe added a few fun extra things in there for good measure. =D

Intermediate online classes

An Intermediate level footwork combination that adds cool variations and changes of rhythm to your shines. We hope you enjoy!

Intermediate / Advanced online classes

A fun and challenging pattern that will keep your partners on their toes as you do some unexpected changes of direction. We hope you enjoy!

Playing with preps and timing in this one. Also adding some turns for both leads and follows to challenge both sides. We hope you enjoy!

Adding some right side leads variations in this combination. Enjoy this challenging pattern and check back soon for more!

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