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Old Town, Chicago IL

Chicago’s prestigious Old Town neighborhood sits about a mile north of the famous downtown area. A very distinct architectural style of buildings gives the community a one-of-a-kind feel. Although the area has seen many changes throughout its existence, it now stands as premiere real-estate and destination visiting for those who covet the higher end options of the city.

Upon initial viewing, the “old” in Old Town appears to be reasonably accurate. Well, at least in regards to some of the breathtaking homes you’ll see as you walk through the neighborhood. And while some established businesses have been around for many moons, there is also a definite wave of newer, trendier companies as well.

For those who prefer to explore while walking, Old Town offers a very walk-friendly variety of streets which highlight some of Chicago’s historic charm. New visitors to the area will notice a wide range of homes, gardens, and businesses. Not only will you get some of the best eye candy in the area, but you’ll also be able to visit some beautiful restaurants and nightlife options. Furthermore, Old Town is the home of the world-famous Second City which has been the launching point of some of comedy’s most famous stars.

You’ll find a wealth of things to do in Old Town and the surrounding neighborhoods. We’d like to highlight a few places of note.

As we mentioned before, Old Town’s Second City comedy club is a world-famous launching pad for some of the hottest stars in comedy. The Second City helped to popularize the concepts of sketch comedy and improv and has launched the careers of many of Saturday Night Live’s most famous personalities. The Second City has pretty much owned the corner of North Avenue and Wells since it opened and has expanded to include a vast majority of the Piper’s Alley complex which also included a bar and theatre.
Visitors to the area and comedy lovers, in general, should also check out some of the other clubs in the area such as Zanies, Up and the iO Theatre.

If you’re in Old Town and want to check out a different flavor of live entertainment, you should definitely check out the Red Orchid Theatre. The in-house troop offers different works which can be best described as serious and emotional works which are sure to leave an impression.

If you want to grab a drink before all of this entertainment, you should check out the Old Town Pour House. While it might look a bit normal on the outside, beer aficionados would do well to step inside and try some of the over 90 beers on offer. Of course, there is a full-service bar as well for those who prefer cocktails to beer.

For those with a sweet tooth, visit the Fudge Pot. This chocolate shop is known for having some delicious candy and mouth-watering sweet concoctions. You’ll almost feel guilty eating some of the fabulous creations they make at Fudge Pot.

A random and unexpected pleasure can also be found in Old Town for those who love marine life. While it won’t soon replace the Shed Aquarium, it does offer sea-lovers a chance to check out some exotic sea-life of the fresh and saltwater variety. You can even purchase some if you have an aquarium at home.

For laughs, food, drinking and more, check out Chicago’s Old Town Neighborhood. With its classic charm, it’ll soon become of your favorite parts of the city of neighborhoods.

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