MMA Dance Company Auditions!

Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy is looking to welcome some new and eager dancers into our dance family! If you think you have what it takes and want to improve your dancing, then don’t miss out!

The Date: Saturday, April 18th

Starting promptly at 3:00 p.m., our audition will start with a quick warmup followed by an overview of fundamental movements and intermediate level choreography. Make sure to give it your all as we will be assessing people’s work ethic, focus and willingness to learn!

The Dance: Mambo

(Also, known as Salsa ‘on2’) A lot of newer dancers might have first been introduced to Latin dancing though something like Bachata and want to take the next step and become more involved with Salsa. Start your journey with the king of all the Latin dances and see what the real fuss is all about!

The Goal:

Are you hungry to learn and get on stage? Do you really want to get good or are you content doing just enough? We’re looking for dancers who are willing to adapt themselves to the language of the company with the eagerness and drive to WANT to make their way to the Professional company. If this is you, be at this audition!

More options for aspiring performers!

MMA has structured a tiered system where we can help dancers of all levels.

This way, no matter what your skill level, we have a place for you!

Remember that it’s not just about the dancing, there are many factors involved in choosing a new addition to our dance family. The best dancers and team members have a combination of desire, work ethic, discipline and attention to detail. The rate at which you learn is also crucial, the higher the level the faster you have to adapt. Bring your best self!

Where do you fit in?

If you’ve got the goods, we’ve got a place for you!

Please note: Being on a team is NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR CLASS, it’s a great place to work on the ‘how’ and the technical aspects of your dancing. It is mandatory for all team members to attend group class to help with your growth as a social dancer and performer. We never stop learning!

Pa’Lante  (Semi Pro Team)

You’ve got some experience dancing and might have even performed in another style of dance. This is great! Usually, dancers with over one year experience can find themselves in a position to join a semi-pro team. 

Get ready to learn some cool choreography and perform around the Chicago Latin dance scene! Get ready to dance on stage and entertain the masses with your skills!

Once you’re at this level, you can start focusing on how you look when you dance. First comes the knowledge of the dance, then your ability to execute the movements of the style, then you can start focusing on your presentation. Here’s where you do that!

Mixed Motion Art Dance Company  (Pro Team)

Where we want you to aim to be! It might take a while, but the journey will be worth it! This is the professional traveling company and we’re committed to exposing our talent to the US and beyond!

Only our most dedicated dancers make it to this position and the effort is worth it! Dance directly with MMA leaders Del and Laura and learn intricate, complicated choreography that is designed to impress and inspire!

We mean business and we come from a long line of performance and stage excellence. If you’ve got the drive and the desire to make it here, the possibilities are endless! Is this you? Come find out or start your journey to get here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I audition if I'm a beginner?

We highly recommend at least a 6 month level of either Mambo experience or dance experience in general. If you think you can do it, come by and let us guide you on the best course of action for your growth. A newer dancer with the right mindset and work ethic can become a valuable member of the dance company but would have to take classes in unison with rehearsals.

What should I bring to the audition?

Make sure to bring some comfortable dance shoes and clothes you can move in. Don’t forget your water and a towel to dry off your sweat. You might also want to bring an extra shirt! Also, it’s best to come in early to fill out your audition form/information so you can be focused and ready to dance!

What are the commitments if I get accepted?

Each team practice happens at different days and times along with monthly group dues. This will be clearly laid out for you once we send you an acceptance email with further details.

We’d love to have you join our MMA dance family!

We only do auditions a few times per year and now is your chance to dance!
MMA has a stellar reputation of creating great dancers and we can’t wait to add more people to the family. All you have to do is show up and do your best, we’ll take care of the rest!