Mixed Motion Art Dance Company

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Basic Information

The Mixed Motion Art Dance Company (MMADC) is a group of dedicated and passionate individuals who strive to keep the legacy of Latin Dance alive in Chicago. Comprised of the Mixed Motion Art Professional Dance Company as well as our training team, Pa’lante, we’re proud to provide dancers of all skill levels the chance to grow and shine on stage. Our crowd-pleasing and memorable performances make the MMADC one of Chicago’s premiere Latin dance companies. We share a mutual love of Salsa dancing and are committed to being the absolute best dance company possible. Be sure to check out the company when you can as you’re sure to be impressed!

Hire the team for your next event!

The Mixed Motion Art Dance Company and Pa’lante are available to perform and electrify your next event!

We offer entertainment as well as large group classes to liven up and add some flavor to your special occasion. We are available for your next:

Corporate Event
Private Party
Special Industry Event
Sales Conference
Award Ceremony
Grand Opening
Gala Reception
Holiday Functions and more!

If you’d like to¬†add some Latin flavor to your next event, contact us and we’ll get back to you right away!

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No event? No worries, you can still help support our dreams!

Getting on the stage is a combination of a lot of things: intense practice, unwavering dedication, and a strong desire to achieve your absolute best. This dance life also requires finances for travel, costume and studio expenses.

If you’d like to support the efforts of our team, we’d be so grateful to accept a donation. Your assistance will help us look our best, give us a place to rehearse and fund our traveling expenses as we represent Chicago at dancing events across the world!

Click below and choose from a one-time or reoccurring payment of $20, $30 or $40. Your generosity is so appreciated and we won’t let you down!

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