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Logan Square, Chicago IL

Logan Square is a north-central neighborhood in the city of Chicago. The historical and diverse area is notable for its explosive growth over the past ten years and highlighted by the actual Logan Square. A famous and often visited public square noted for its greenery and the 3-way intersection of Milwaukee Avenue, Kedzie Boulevard and Logan Boulevard.

Logan Square is also the home of various small businesses which highlight the very best of Chicago such as a vintage theatre, various clothing boutiques, and restaurants galore.

Also of particular note is a treasured strip of Logan Boulevard between Kedzie and Western Avenue which showcases the preserved natural greenery of times past and historical greystone mini-mansions.

The popularity of the area has caused an increase in rental costs and threatens to rob the neighboorhood of its soul. A haven for artists of all types has called Logan Square their home instead of living in such neighborhoods such as Wicker Park and West Town. The diverse population of Logan Square houses various ethnicities such as Latinos, African Americans, and descendants of eastern Europe.

The youthful residents of Logan along with an abundance of greenery make the neighborhood prime real estate for avid bikers who enjoy the views and full streets available to them in Logan, along with sister-square, Palmer Square. With plenty of access to bikes via local bike shops and services such as Divi, navigating Logan Square in an Eco-friendly manner is as easy as it gets in a big city like Chicago.

The 606

Near the southern-most boundary of Logan Square lies a non-descript part of town called the Bloomingdale Trail. Well, non-descript until over 100 million dollars went into connecting some of Chicago’s most desirable neighborhoods via an elevated ex-train track. Affectionately named “the 606,” residents from various communities like Humboldt Park, Logan Square, and Wicker Park share in a joined pathway which is perfect for a morning run, an afternoon bike ride or a nighttime stroll. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more beautiful path through Chicago than the 606, and it has quickly become another of Chicago’s many notable landmarks.

The dining

We could certainly fill a whole other post about how many fantastic food options exist in Logan Square. That said, we’d like to highlight a few essential culinary experiences you should partake in if you’re in the area.

A classic and health conscious eatery that has won fans from all parts of town is the Lula Cafe. You can easily access teh restaurant off of the Logan Square Train stop. During warmer weather, you’ll find adoring patrons sitting outside enjoying the view and the sidewalk eating while others will be inside strictly focusing on the fantastic food options. With locally sourced ingredients and a rotating menu featuring seasonal items, you can’t ever go wrong dining at the Lula Cafe.

For an acquired and unique take on Asian cuisine, you must also venture to Fat Rice. Offering very unique options which you won’t find in too many other places, the owners draw from their heritage to present one-of-a-kind dishes sure to please. Just don’t go into Fat Rice expecting to get “Kung Pao Chicken” and you’ll be just fine.

Michelin star winning Restaurant Longman and Eagle is worthy of your hunger and offers a distinct ambiance as well as mouthwatering food options prepared and presented with the utmost care. Make reservations as the restaurant tends to get full. Also, take the time to hang out at the bar to people watch and enjoy some unique drinks prepared by their mixologists.

As we said before, this food list can be near never ending but suffice to say, come to Logan Square hungry if you’re new to the neighborhood. For a mix of natural beauty, diversity, culinary adventure, shopping and more, Logan Square is a gem of Chicago and helps to illustrate the strength in Chicago’s many neighborhoods.

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