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Lincoln Park, Chicago IL

With a vast amount of development and a thriving business atmosphere, Lincoln Park has long been one for Chicago’s most popular neighborhoods. Lincoln Park is easily one of the most visited areas for out of towners due to the vast amount of things to do. As one of the most developed region in Chicago, Lincoln Park is also one of the most beautiful with an abundance of things to eat, do and see.

Due to its close proximity to downtown, the neighborhood has also been an ideal landing spot for those who want the convenience of some of Chicago’s most beautiful sights. Furthermore, the abundance of housing options can cater to a wide variety of people with varying needs. While the property certainly won’t come cheap, various living situations can appeal to almost every type of homeowner or renter.

Lincoln Park has historically been a younger area due to the presence of DePaul University and all of the housing that the institution has purchased. In more recent times, the city is inhabited by young professionals who want to be in a centralized, low-crime part of town. On any given weekend afternoon, you’ll likely find young families who have made Lincoln Park their home pushing their newborns around in baby strollers.

Due to the safety of the neighborhood, Lincoln Park has become one of the most desirable parts of Chicago for those young professionals who can afford to stay in the area. With its beautiful housing and school options which offer some of the best educations options in the city, Lincoln Park proves a hard-to-beat option for those who want the best of suburban living in the heart of the town. As stated before, it won’t come cheap, but if you can afford to stay and live in the area, you’ll be more than happy with the beauty and convenience of the community.

So either you live Lincoln Park, are looking to live there or just want to visit the neighboorhood and looking for things to do. Well, you’re in luck, here’s a brief overview of the awesome things to see and do while visiting the neighborhood.

For those who are looking for live entertainment options, you will not be disappointed. If you’re into theatre, you’ll be hard pressed to find better options than the Steppenwolf Theatre, a long-standing institution for live entertainment in the city. You should also visit the Royal George Theatre and the Theatre on the Lake during the summer season for a one-of-a-kind experience in Chicago.

You can also check out some great live music in venues such as the Lincoln Hall and some live reggae music at the Chicago institution, Kingston Mines. The notorious Biograph Theatre also houses a variety of obscure films for lovers of the cinema and often hosts some of the Chicago’s most prestigious film festivals.

For nature lovers, there is obviously the lakefront which hardly needs an introduction. You should also visit the Lincoln Park Zoo if in the area to visit some wildlife. The Zoo often hosts a variety of events throughout the year and attracts a large crowd of people to the area. The Nature Museum and Green City Farmers Market are also can’t miss things to do in the warm season.

Some of the notable food options in Lincoln Park include classic options like Geja’s Cafe which is a favorite date spot with a long wait list and an exceptional ambiance. A new favorite of the area is the 4th location of Chicago original Cafecito. They’ve bought there one-of-a-kind take on Cuban cuisine which has proven popular in downtown Chicago. With some of the tastiest Latin food in the city at a price that seems too reasonable to be true, you must check out Cafecito at their Lincoln Park location.

Pequod’s Pizza is one of Chicago’s most famous pizza joints and sits across from the Webster Theatre. Patrons often grab some pizza (after a super long wait) and head over to catch the latest movie offerings.

For a classic Chicago establishment and the original Lettuce Entertain venue, check out RJ Grunts. It’s a throwback restaurant with traditional and delicious American style food options which is still a favorite of the neighborhood after many years.

We could obviously write an endless amount of things about Lincoln Park, but you’ll just have to go visit yourself! Have fun exploring the neighborhood and be sure to see all that the district has to offer!

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