Laura Flores and Del Dominguez

Del Dominguez and Laura Flores

MMA founders Laura Flores and Del Dominguez have devoted themselves to leave a lasting mark on the Latin dance scene in Chicago by bettering themselves and passing on that knowledge to their wonderful students. They are both seasoned performers having started dancing with visionary director of the Chicago trendsetters, Descarga Caribe Dance Company. Under the direction of Broadway veteran Sekou McMiller, Laura and Del had the opportunity to work firsthand with a cutting edge choreographer who paved the way for the development of their dancing and performing skills.

After their stint with Sekou came to an end, they both decided to continue working on their passion by diving head first into the world of Ballroom dancing. As Del puts it: “Ballroom dancing is the Ballet of partner dancing.”Wishing to truly work on mastering their craft, they both achieved their certifications to teach Ballroom and Rhythm styles through DVIDA, a respected standard in the world of Ballroom Dance. They both continue to work and refine their skill as instructors as well as their personal goals in the competitive dancing world.

They recently were hired to choreograph a critically acclaimed new work for the world famous Giordano Jazz Dance Company. The critically acclaimed ‘Sabroso’was honored as the final piece in Giordano’s spring 2011 feature as well as being recorded for next years “Dance For Life: The Documentary.” They were both honored and excited to be a part of the grand spectacle and look forward to working with Giordano Jazz in the future. For a sneak peak at the work in progress, click here.

One of the main objectives of Laura and Del and MMA as a whole is to make these dances and techniques more accessible to a wide range of people who might not have had the opportunity to be exposed otherwise. It is the sincere interest of MMA’s founders to find people who share the passion of mastering their craft and passing their knowledge onto others.

Laura and Del will continue to work on themselves and others as they continue on their own personal journey of betterment through dance and invite you all to join them as they work to expose more and more people to timeless techniques of movement in a fun and approachable fashion. Be sure to check out their classes in Mambo and Latin technique throughout the week.