Ladies Performance Class

You know you want to!

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Starting on Saturday, January 11th, join Salsa superstar Laura Flores as she gears up for the next MMA Ladies Performance Class! Laura will be teaching a new routine and she’d love to have you join her in the fun!

Basic Information

Classes will begin Saturday, January 11th and continue every Saturday until our 8th Annual Ascension: Spring Ball on Friday, March 13th! Dancers are expected to have an intermediate level of skill in Mambo shines as basics will not be covered in this class. This way, the dancer can enjoy the experience and not feel overwhelmed by the choreography. It’s important to us that this be a fun and challenging adventure, so we want to make sure you’re ready! If unsure, contact us to ask if you can be part of this experience.

Additional Notes

  • Classes will be from 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. every Saturday for 9 weeks* with additional classes, if needed, closer to the event. Please note, if additional classes are requested/needed, the classes will be charged on a per class basis.
  • Students are responsible for their own performance costumes and this is NOT included in the price of the class. Laura will guide you through the process and have you wearing something fun, grown, and sexy!


…what are you waiting for? Are you going to take the plunge and join us? It’s been a blast so far! The ladies have had an amazing time and have truly grown from the camaraderie.  As always, we have something super special planned so jump in and dance with us!

Private Access!

As an added benefit to this already awesome package, you will also be an exclusive member to the MMA Ladies Performance Class Facebook page. You will always be updated on all of the news pertaining to the class like costumes, hair, makeup, and more!


Laura will display tutorials on the private Facebook page! She will film videos which will further break down the choreography in more detail with an emphasis on performance quality. She will offer more tips, tricks, and drills that will help you prepare to be the best performer at the Black Ball!

Every week, Laura will break down the choreography with added styling and technique in great detail!

Past Performance Class Highlights!

Meet Your Teacher

Meet lovely and talented Laura Flores who is the co-founder of Mixed Motion Art. Laura is a Chicago legend who embodies all of the high level training that MMA has to offer! She’s on every leads list of favorite follows in Chicago and has helped her female students find their inner power to express themselves fully in movement.

Ladies, take advantage of Laura’s experience and knowledge and expedite your learning!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take this if I'm a beginner?

Yes, while Laura will tend to work at an intermediate/advanced level, newer dancers can benefit their dancing and open up new possibilities in their movements by working hand in hand with Laura.

Do I have to Perform?

Well, it IS a performance class. That said, the times we grow in life are when we confront fear head on and overcome the false stories we tell ourselves. If you really have an issue preventing you from performing, talk to Laura and see what she can make happen.

How does this work with what I'm learning at MMA?
Hand in hand! The foundations that you have built at MMA are rock solid. If you’re feeling good about your progress, it’s a good idea to keep moving and challenging yourself. Performance is a natural progression of dance. Read this blog to see what we mean.
Can I alter my payment plan after I start?
Unfortunately, no. We pay transaction fees every time we make a new transaction. The more times we do it, the more we pay in fees. We’re happy to offer a greater savings to our students who are able to pay up front, while still keeping it affordable for our students who prefer a more flexible option.

Pricing for everyone

Our 8-week Ladies Performance Class session starts on Saturday, January 11th. Class time is 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Reserve your spot in class now!

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Join in on the fun!

Ladies Performance class only happens four times a year, so don’t miss out!
We encourage you to push past any perceived boundaries you have with your dancing and your ability to perform. We promise it’s fun and you’ll love the experience!
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