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Ladies Movement

About This Class

You’ve been taking classes for a while but can’t seems to feel confident in your movement. What do you do? Not to worry, MMA’s master stylist Laura Flores will guide you and help you understand your body and how to moves.

There’s a lot of times when men teach women how to style and it just doesn’t seem to cover all of the bases. How can you tap into your femininity and find your voice and movement when you dance Salsa? Who can understand how to speak to you as a woman and actually demonstrate the movements with sensuality and class? 

We’ve got you covered! Laura Flores, MMA’s co-founder and master female teacher will guide you by the hand and help you understand how to move your body to the music in ways you haven’t thought of. She help you understand the why and how of your dancing and have you tapping into your innate female power.

Style with class

Real Women.
  Real movement.

In order to keep developing your style and finding your voice as a dancer you need several things. For one, the passion and drive to continue working on your skills which bring out the life in your spirit. Secondly, the understanding that all pursuits of passion tale time to develop. Finally, a mentor who can take from you are to where you want to get to. All you have to do is provide the first two, we’ll take care of the rest.

Join other like minded women and find your inner movement

Laura Flores is a lifelong dancer who has helped countless women find their voice in movement. Join her like so many other women have in class and find out how she can help you level up your Salsa dancing game. Even better, the skills and style you pick up here will serve you well in other style of dance like Cha Cha and Bachata so you’re winning all around! Make sure to make MMA’s Ladies Movement class a part of your weekly dance training, you won’t regret it!

Class day and time?

Our Ladies Movement class happens every Saturday from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. It is a drop in class so come every week or whenever you’re able!

How do you pay for class?

This class, like all drop in classes at MMA can be paid for individually or by purchasing an MMA Class Card for more savings!

What Level Should I be?

It’s best to be at an Intermediate level before you try the class. While we DO want you to be challenged, we also want you to feel confident about your dancing. Make it past our Intermediate Bootcamp and you’ll be ready for the challenge.

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

You are getting the bang for your buck and soooo much more. I’ve taken classes at the MOST popular places in the city and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE stacks up the the knowledge and understanding of how the body works MMA! This is the best kept secret in the city…catch ya on the dance floor, I’m the one lookin’ FIERCE!
Natasha C.


At Mixed Motion Art, you will learn FUNDAMENTAL technique of Salsa partner-work and Mambo shines. Under the direction of Del & Laura, you will build one layer at a time, efficiently improving as a dancer. This place is no joke, they know their stuff ☝️????
Michelle Zamora


Del and Laura are the BEST dance instructors I have ever encountered. Seriously. I have danced Tango, Bachata, Kizomba, Ballet, Jazz – been to countless workshops and private lessons. But I didn’t truly improve as a dancer until Del and Laura. If you want to become a better dancer and enjoy doing it- these two are the experts to do it.
Olivia D.