The Salsa dancing journey continues!

You made it past our first three Salsa Bootcamp? That’s amazing! MMA has one more Bootcamp for you to go through before you can confidently go into the next phase of your learning. 

It’s time to finish what you started many moons ago and put all of the other pieces in place to establish your understanding of Salsa! Join now and work with the best!

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Let’s keep evolving your Salsa dancing abilites!

Time to pick up the pace!

In our previous Salsa Bootcamps, we’ve slowly increased the speed of the music to get you more comfortable with dancing fast and picking up even faster. Now that you understand ‘on2’ dancing and can hear the beat clearly, it’s time to learn how to tempo yourself to be cool and confident with any song you hear. 

Refining Your Foundation

If you’ve been with us from the start, you’ve already grown so much! We’ll add a few more advanced foundation steps along with more detail on the movement quality of the dance.  As always, repetition is KEY! We’ll keep drilling you and planting these movements and concepts in your mind until you’re well on your way to mastery! 

Partner Dancing refinement

We’ve designed and introduced many patterns and concepts over the course of our Salsa Bootcamps. We want our students to feel educated on what’s happening NOW in the world of Salsa. We’ll do so by educating you on more classic and contemporary movements and patterns which will set you up to succeed on the dance floor!

Meet Your teachers

4 time Salsa Champion Del Dominguez has been teaching, dancing, competing and performing in Salsa Dancing for over 15 years. He’s been through the process of refining his own Salsa dancing abilities and has narrowed down the fundamental steps needed to succeed. He has taught lessons to countless students over the past decade and wants to share his experience with you!

Del will be assisted by the lovely and talented Layla Bastar who is a principle member of the MMA Dance Company’s semi-professional team, Pa’lante. Layla’s hard work has also earned her an understudy position on the MMA Dance Company’s professional company as well. She’s a star in the making! The lead and follow part will be broken down in detail by Del and Layla and you as the student will have the benefit of working with two of Chicago’s best! One of them alone is worth the money but both of them is a no-brainer! Don’t miss the beginner Salsa bootcamp!


Students love taking classes at Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy!

We have perfect, 5-Star reviews from our satisfied students on Google and Yelp and were rated “Chicago’s Best Dance Studio” by the Chicago Reader!

Del And Laura are true professionals with so much warmth and kindness. The are experts at paying attention to details and identifying how best to encourage best dance techniques. Corrections are given personally with humor and inspiration. If you want to advance your dance confidence I highly recommend private classes with either Del or Laura. So grateful they are in Chicago!
Victoria B.

In addition to being fantastic instructors, Del & Laura are just great people! It’s always clear they thoroughly have a passion for teaching dance. And they do it in a way that encourages their students to continually get better!
David A.

Outstanding instruction by outstanding people! If you ever decide to take up salsa, or need to dust off your dance shoes, MMA is the place. The instructors are not only highly skilled and professional, but also a share pleasure to work with. I give my highest rating and recommendation for this truly outstanding dance company.
Sigita S.

Bonus: Get access to our private Facebook group!

Interact with your fellow classmates and directly ask Laura and Del any questions you have about class! Even better, we follow up the weekly lesson with a video recap so you can practice your new moves and home to further increase your skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there makeup classes?

Great question! In addition to our Bootcamp classes, we also offer a weekly drop-in class which is intermediate/advanced in level. These classes are more workshop-style classes and more free form. Still, you’ll find a lot of value our drop-in classes and can use them as a makeup should you miss a Bootcamp class.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
We recommend flexible shoes that are comfortable to wear. Since it is a 90 minutes class, we want you to be cozy! Just make sure the shoes are supportive and won’t stick to the floor, for example, gym shoes.
What clothes should I wear?
Comfortable and casual clothes are a must! We expect to work you out so make sure you don’t come too dressed up! Of course we’ll be having a great time, but prepare to work!
Do I need a partner?
We do our best to have an even number of leads and follows. As such, we don’t require anyone to bring a partner. We also rotate partners frequently to keep everyone engaged.

Pricing for everyone

Our 8-week Intermediate 2 Salsa Bootcamp starts on Wednesday, September 11th and ends on October 30th. Class time is 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Reserve your spot in class!

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What are you waiting for???

We love that you wish to keep on evolving your dancing! You know by now our Salsa Bootcamp format is unique to Chicago and ensures your growth. Let’s keep working together to make Chicago’s dance scene second to none!