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Getting Started with Salsa and Latin dancing

Laura and Del

Hi, we’re Laura Flores and Del Dominguez and we’re pleased to have you! If you’re new to the wonderful world of Latin dancing, this page is for you! It contains a ton of useful information that will help you decide which dance style is for you as well as give you some insight as to the various styles that are available.

Salsa dancing chicago

NY Style Salsa dancing

The big daddy of all of the club styles, this refers to a style of music and dance which has its origins in the Caribbean and South America, but which has developed all over the world, into variations that have created a number of recognized styles. “On2” is also known as Mambo, and N.Y. Club Style Salsa. This style lends itself well to a variety of music from the Palladium era of New York City to more contemporary Salsa music.  New York Style Salsa ‘On2’ can be identified by its smooth and elegant style that looks effortless and smooth when it’s done well. Check out all of your favorite Chicago performers and instructors and they ALL dance ‘on2!’ Learn it the best way from the start! MMA has the best ‘on2’ salsa dance lessons in Chicago so finish reading and get to class!


This dance comes to us from the Dominican Republic and known for its fun & sexy style and easy to learn approach. Bachata music can be distinguished by its particular guitar riff or sound which is prominent in all Bachata songs. Today Bachata is mixed with other styles such as Reggaeton & RnB.

What used to be just a niche dance now has its own dedicated nights and events devoted to providing ‘Bachateros’ their fix. It has quickly grown to become a staple of Latin dance clubs.


Salsa dancing chicago

Cha Cha

The sexy cousin of the Mambo is known for it’s smooth, moving style and musicality. Our Cha Cha classes offer you a chance to get more familiar with Cha Cha and it’s syncopated rhythm and finding the link between Cha Cha and Salsa ‘on2.’ If you’ve taken our awesome Salsa ‘on2’ classes, you owe to yourself to learn Cha Cha as well as you already know quite a bit! Trust us, this is one of the most intimidating dances yet most fun. MMA makes it easy, systematic and fun to add Cha Cha to your arsenal!


Make sure and check out all of our awesome classes!

MMA has a variety of classes to fill your Latin dancing and performance needs. Check out all of our dance classes and find the style and class that’s right for you! See you in class!