Frequently Asked Questions

 1. I am considering starting to learn salsa dancing, but am not sure yet. what should I do?

It’s perfectly understandable if you’re having hesitation about starting Salsa dancing. It can be a little daunting at first when you see all the amazing dancers out on the dance floor but fear not, with a little bit of drive and effort you can be out there doing the same thing in a reasonable amount of time. If you need a little bit more reassurance, head out to the local salsa club, have a drink enjoy the atmosphere. You’ll get a good feel what kind of dancing you do like and what style of music you prefer.

2. What’s the appropriate age for dancing Salsa or other Latin dances?

Don’t let age stop you! The beauty of Latin dancing is that appeals to a wide range of individuals. You’ll have people who are 21 all the way up to 81 having a great time at the club and no one even looks twice. This is very different from other types of nightclubs and you should feel comfortable in a Salsa dancing environment. Find like-minded groups of people to enjoy your time dancing with and embrace the community. Like anything worth doing, getting started is the best step you can take!

3. Do I need any prior dancing experience?

Not at all. You will find it that people with prior dance experience will likely pick up information faster, but newcomers also are sure to get the information as long as they apply themselves and do their best. The most important thing is to come with an open mind and work on applying the information that you learn in class. Resist the urge to get one or two moving head out to the club and instead take the opportunity to dive head first and learn something new that will add excitement and value to your life. Remember, this is a partner dance and being mindful of being a good partner will make your dancing journey so much more enjoyable. 😉

4. Do I need to bring a dancing partner if I’m just starting out?

You should not feel the need to come with a dance partner already as MMA encourages people to dance with everyone! That said, couples are absolutely welcome as are individuals who are looking to have fun and meet new people. You are sure to find some new friends to share your dancing adventure with and meet out to go dancing. Many lasting friendships are created in the Salsa class and club.
5. The dancing is amazing, but it looks intimidating. Is the community welcoming?

The community is known for being welcoming and is one of the true universal languages that exist. Chicago is full of fun and interesting people who are connected by the love of dance. Even better, not only can you make friends locally, but anytime you travel, you can find the nearest Latin dance club and be welcomed with open arms if you can dance! Fear not, most people who you see dancing are nice individuals that you can enjoy dancing with, find the people you connect with most and enjoy!

6. How long will it take me to learn to dance Salsa or other Latin dances?

This is the magic question, isn’t it? There are many things to consider when someone asks this question including prior experience, ability to pick up information, and frequency in taking classes are going out social dancing. If you really dive headfirst and take one or two dance classes a week and make your way out to a club at least once a week weed in a couple of months you should feel relatively comfortable out on the dance floor. However, if you only come to class once a week and barely ever make it out to the nightclub you might get a bit frustrated that you’re not picking it up. Remember to put yourself out there and you’re sure to get better sooner rather than later

7. Do I need any additional equipment to get started?

More than anything, you simply need to get started, once you feel like this is something you want to get good at, a pair of comfortable shoes/heels will add to your experience. The main thing is to simply get started, stay enthusiastic, and start dancing!

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