How to Salsa

Couple Salsa Dancing

If you’ve never experienced dancing to Salsa music and wondering what all the fuss is about, you’re not the only one. Long considered one of theĀ most popular social dances around Salsa is going strong after many years in the public eye. If you examined what draws people to this exotic and infectious dance, you’d come to find out that it’s a combination of many things. One one hand, the partnering with various people keeps things exciting and fresh, while the music and endless amounts of things you can learn keeps you motivated to continue growing and learning.

Salsa dancing might seem intimidating at first but it is one of those dances that will reward those who choose to commit to learning and mastering it’s intricacies. At first, you’ll have a blast just moving around the dance floor at your local nightclub and not think to hard about what is happening. Soon, you might notice that there is a bit more to this dance than you originally thought.

You’re likely to see a couple who is dazzling on the dance floor or be in awe of some dancers who just seem interpret every instrument of the dance with their bodies. Upon viewing these advanced dancers, some newcomers get apprehensive or stop having fun for fear of doing something wrong. To those beginners, I would encourage them to press forward as the joy of the dance is truly found as you gain a level of confidence in your leading or following ability as a dancer.

There are others who get inspired and look to improve my seeking out their local dance studio and taking some salsa lessons to improve their skills. With some commitment and effort, they will soon find themselves not only feeling confident, but also enjoying the social dance environment more so than they did as a beginner. Many of these curious dancers begin to get more involved in dancing Salsa and might even go as far and joining a dance group or participating in a Salsa dance contest. I can assure you that dance is good for your soul and there are few other dancesĀ appeal to such a wide variety of people as Salsa does.

If you’re at all curious about learning how to dance and don’t know where to begin, head over to your local Salsa club and get swept away by the amazing music, dancing and community that exists in pretty much every major city around the world. As citizens of Chicago, we are especially fortunate to have a world class Salsa dance scene that I would encourage any and all fans of dance to check out.