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Chambo JAM!

Chicago Cha Cha and Mambo Classes

Cha Cha AND Mambo?

What happens when you mix up two of the most awesome dances around? CHAMBO! An awesome fusion of Cha Cha and NY Style Salsa (Mambo) to help dancers make the link between the two styles.

Musically, the two dances play on the similar rhythms and students will understand how to feel and accentuate the music better once they know and become better acquainted with both styles. There is a distinct advantage to having awareness of the music and hearing and stepping to it much slower in Cha Cha and then building up your skills to a Mambo speed. Students will not only be able to see how they dances are very related, but they will also have material in both styles!

That right turn? Works in both styles!

That walking pattern she loves to follow? Works in both styles too!

Best of all, this 90 minute JAM session follows in the tradition of our long running and well loved Mambo Jam class. This means it’ll be a mixture of footwork, technique and awesome partner patterns!

You won’t believe how much you can learn about one dance while learning another. try this unique fusion class and accelerate your social dancing now!

90 minute class
Mondays at 7:30 p.m. 

with Freddy Ovalle