Hello everyone! This week, we asked our awesomely talented DJ Freddy O (affectionately known as ‘Freddy Fresh) to give of some of his favorite Bachata hits.

Freddy has quickly become known for playing dancer pleasing sets and has gained popularity among the MMA faithful for always delivering the goods. If you want to know more about this dope ass dancer/DJ, check him out here.

In the meantime, Freddy has chosen and recommended a total of six songs for your listening pleasure, three oldies, and three more contemporary songs. Freddy likes both time periods and made sure to inform us that he’ll play a song as long as it’s ‘good music.’ How can we argue with that?
Without further ado, DJ Freddy O’s hot Bachata picks (at least until he finds even better ones!):

Bachata Music – New School

Sangre de mis Venas – Vena

“This is my favorite Bachata song, so of course I love playing this song.  Ironically, I’ve yet to dance to this song.”

Besame Siempre – Henry Santos

“I love the lyrics on this song, but I hate the video! 🙂  This is one of those songs that can be very romantic if you allow yourself to get swept away by the lyrics.”

Mienteme – Ronny Dae

“Another song that I enjoy listening to.  I don’t play it often during my sets, but one of my favorites.”

Bachata Music – Old School

Loco de Amor – Luis Vargas 

“This song is just amazing.  One of the Bachata pioneers!  This song is just very soulful to me!  The guitar, the lyrics, the voice.  This song is hot.”

Bachata en Fukuoka – Juan Luis Guerra

“Another Bachata pioneer. This is another one of my favorites. I don’t get tired of listening to this song.”

Me Llamas – Nicolas
One of my current favorite songs.  I love the lyrics.

There you have it! There’s something here for all of you Bachata lovers. Notice the similarities in the music but also take the time and discover how the songs are also very different. Stay tuned next month where we bug Freddy and ask him about his current favorite Cha Cha songs, this’ll be good!

What are some of your favorite Bachata songs?

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