Learn to dance Salsa quickly with Chicago’s best!

You can dance and we can show you!

Our amazing Beginner Bootcamp class is on hold for the time being! Reigster for our new classes starting on September 15th and 17th on our homepage. Thank you for your love and support!

Enjoy 90 minute sessions!

This is the PERFECT fit for sustaining long term results. In our Salsa bootcamp training, we’re going ingrain the exact system we use to train our dance company members.

Access to our private Facebook group! - $129 value

Interact with your fellow classmates and directly connect with teachers. Take advantage and ask any question about class and the material we’ve covered. Our students have even used this platform to plan nights out as a group, take advantage!

MMA Approved Spotify Playlist - $39 Value

So often, we hear that our students don’t know what or who to listen to in regards to Salsa/Mambo music. No worries! MMA has carefully selected some great Salsa tracks that are level appropriate and funky. Enjoy!

Video Replays of class material - $180 value

You’ll love the material taught in class but you might forget stuff between sessions. Well, we’ve got you covered! We record a review of all of the material taught in that week’s lesson and post it in your private Facebook group!

Help an animal in need while you learn to dance Salsa!
Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy is proud to announce that a portion of the total enrollment earnings for each Beginner Salsa Bootcamp session is donated to a local animal rescue shelter. While you’re having a great time learning to dance Salsa, you can feel even better knowing you’re helping a homeless fur baby find his or her forever home.

Meet Your Instructors

Laura Flores

Laura Flores

Master Instructor

Laura Flores is a 5-time champion dancer with over 15 years experience teaching, training and performing all around the world. 

Laura, along with Del Dominguez, co-founded Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy with the goal of helping to increase the level of Chicago’s Salsa scene. 

Laura has established herself as one of Chicago’s premiere dancers, performers and instructors with a reputation for a bombastic and addicting teaching style which helps her students have fun while learning new skills.

Laura will be assisted in class by Ethan Lassiter from the MMA Professional Dance Company. 

Ethan Lassiter

Ethan Lassiter

Assistant Instructor

The talented Ethan Lassiter is a home grown MMA star who has risen through the ranks of our training to become one of the principal male dancers of the Mixed Motion Art Professional Dance Company. 

His attention to detail and warm personality puts his students at ease and his ambition to continue to develop his own skill makes him a wonderful instructor to guide your dancing. 

Students love taking classes at
Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy!

We have perfect, 5-Star reviews from our satisfied students on Google and Yelp and were rated “Chicago’s Best Dance Studio” by the Chicago Reader!


Here’s what some of our awesome students past and present had to say about learning to dance Salsa at Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy!
At Mixed Motion Art, you will learn FUNDAMENTAL technique of Salsa partner-work and Mambo shines. Under the direction of Del & Laura, you will build one layer at a time, efficiently improving as a dancer. This place is no joke, they know their stuff ☝️????
Michelle Zamora


Mixed Motion Art Dance Academy is a great place to learn Salsa/Mambo. in Chicago. Great school with really knowledgeable instructors. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, Del and Laura can give you information to get your dancing to the next level!
Christian L.


I’ve been taking classes at Mixed Motion Arts for some time and I LOVE it! The classes are a great mix of technique and style. Del and Laura make sure you get individual feedback, so you never feel like you are being over looked. It’s a wonderful community, very welcoming, and I have made some great friends in the process.
Sarah Jamison


Frequently Asked Questionss


Class will begin weekly starting on March 2nd and run from 8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Normal classes from our competition are usually only 60 minutes. The Salsa Bootcamp is a whole 90 minutes every week for 8 whole weeks (that’s the equivalent of 12 weeks from the other guys!). You will learn your basics and set yourself up for success!

We recommend flexible shoes that are comfortable to wear. Since it is a 90 minutes class, we want you to be cozy! Just make sure the shoes are supportive and won’t stick to the floor, for example, gym shoes.
Comfortable and casual clothes are a must! We expect to work you out so make sure you don’t come too dressed up! Of course we’ll be having a great time, but prepare to work!
Great question! We understand life happens so if you miss a class, we’ve got you covered! We provide video recaps of every weeks material on the included Private Facebook Group so you can practice at home and never get left behind!

Pricing for everyone

Our 8-week Beginner Salsa Bootcamp starts on Monday, March 2nd and ends on April 20th.
Class time is 8:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Reserve your spot in class!

Only 24 slots available per session – 12 Leads and 12 Follows (sold out!)  

Enrollment is now open! Sign up now to secure your spot in class!

Use coupon code “earlybird10” at checkout to save 10% before 2/27/20!

3 Payments Option

 + Reserve space into the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp!

+ World class instruction with 2 teachers

+ Equal attention to male and female dancers

+ Only available six times a year

+ Remaining payments due on the 3rd and 6th week of the bootcamp.

Single Payment

+ Reserve space into the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp!

+ World class instruction with 2 teachers

+ Equal attention to male and female dancers

+ Only available six times a year

+ Enjoy the biggest savings to the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp by making your registration payment in full!

2 Easy Payments!

+ Reserve space into the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp!

+ World class instruction with 2 teachers

+ Equal attention to male and female dancers

+ Only available six times a year

+ Remaining payment due on the 5th week of the Beginner Salsa Bootcamp.

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