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Workshop with Bajari de Yamulee

On Saturday,September 28th, work hand in hand with Bajari de Yamulee! Some of the best Salsa dancers in the world have come from Bajari. Join them and let them help you take your dancing to another level!

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Here’s what you’ll be learning in these awesome workshops with Bajari de Yamulee!

Session 1: Ladies Styling - 12:30 p.m. (60 minutes)

Attention Ladies!

Learn from one of the principal dancers of both Bajari and Yamulee!  Loreanne M. Rivera has all of the technique and pizzazz that you expect from the lovely ladies of Yamulee. Work with Loreanne and get ready for some awesome and dynamic footwork combinations that are sure to challenge you and help you stand out from the crowd!

Session 2: Jam Session! - 2:00 p.m. (90 minutes)

Get ready to work with Jon and Luis as they team up to take us on an awesome open shines AND partnering Mambo jam session!

They don’t mess around so be ready for a  challenge!

Expect to work hard, sweat and have a ton of fun. These two will bring the heat, you just have to bring your best effort and maybe a change of shirt! 

Meet Your teachers

Loreanne M. Rivera

Jonathan Borges

Luis Artieda

Meet Loreanne, Jon and Luis! All three are seasoned veterans and have been an important part of the Yamulee family for years! They all have a strong grasp of the special style, swag and technique of the world famous Yamulee dance Company and look forward to sharing it with you! Don’t miss the chance to learn the latest and greatest from the Boogie-down Bronx brought straight to the windy city at MMA!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes should I wear?
We recommend flexible shoes that are comfortable to wear. Since it is a 90 minutes class, we want you to be cozy! Just make sure the shoes are supportive and won’t stick to the floor, for example, gym shoes.
What clothes should I wear?
Comfortable and casual clothes are a must! We expect to work you out so make sure you don’t come too dressed up! Of course we’ll be having a great time, but prepare to work!
What level do I have to be?

Great question! If you’re at an intermediate level and are excited to challenge yourself and try these workshops, then we absolutely encourage it! If you feel like you need some preparation, don’t hesitate to try the Wednesday drop-in classes at MMA which will get you ready for what’s to come. 

Do I have to be a current MMA student?

Not at all! While we strive our bets to be the go-to place for the most contemporary Salsa in Chicago, we also value and respect the rest of our great community. If you’ve learned elsewhere and want to join us, please do, all are welcome. 

Workshop Pricing

Take advantage of our special guests and learn from some of the hottest dancers in the Salsa world! Lock in your spot and we’ll see you in class.

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What are you waiting for?!?

The Salsa scene in Chicago is growing by the day as more people find the passion and fun in dancing Salsa. Join us in welcoming some of the brightest stars in the global Salsa community and learn some great material that will help you further develop your Salsa skills!